Interventional Glaucoma Consortium 2023

October 6⁠–8 | Salt Lake City, UT

Grand America Hotel

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A think tank for the most progressive glaucoma specialists.

The Interventional Glaucoma Consortium (IGC) will be returning to Salt Lake City in 2023, bringing together the top thought leaders in the interventional glaucoma space and offering a dedicated program for glaucoma fellows in partnership with Moran Eye Center. Curated by Program Chairs Drs. Ike Ahmed, Rick Lewis, Arsham Sheybani, and Rachel Simpson, the IGC's think tank–style format will encourage a select group of leading glaucoma specialists to exchange innovative ideas and education that promotes a proactive, not reactive, approach to patient care.

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Program Chairs

Iqbal Ike K. Ahmed, MD, FRCSC headshot

Iqbal Ike K. Ahmed, MD, FRCSC

Richard Lewis, MD headshot

Richard Lewis, MD

Arsham Sheybani, MD headshot

Arsham Sheybani, MD

Rachel Simpson, MD headshot

Rachel Simpson, MD


Inas Aboobakar, MD headshot

Inas Aboobakar, MD

Ahmad Aref, MD headshot

Ahmad Aref, MD

Analisa Arosemena, MD headshot

Analisa Arosemena, MD

Jason Bacharach, MD headshot

Jason Bacharach, MD

Felise May Barte, MD headshot

Felise May Barte, MD

Jefferson Berryman, MD headshot

Jefferson Berryman, MD

Lauren Blieden, MD headshot

Lauren Blieden, MD

Matthew Brink, MD headshot

Matthew Brink, MD

Reay Brown, MD headshot

Reay Brown, MD

Jacob Brubaker, MD headshot

Jacob Brubaker, MD

Carlos Buznego, MD headshot

Carlos Buznego, MD

Larissa Camejo, MD headshot

Larissa Camejo, MD

Peter Chang, MD headshot

Peter Chang, MD

Robert Chang, MD headshot

Robert Chang, MD

Craig Chaya, MD headshot

Craig Chaya, MD

Karen Chen, MD headshot

Karen Chen, MD

Ian Conner, MD headshot

Ian Conner, MD

M. Francesca Cordeiro, MD headshot

M. Francesca Cordeiro, MD

E. Randy Craven, MD headshot

E. Randy Craven, MD

Monica Ertel, MD headshot

Monica Ertel, MD

Brian Flowers, MD headshot

Brian Flowers, MD

Benjeil Edghill, MD headshot

Benjeil Edghill, MD

Mark Gallardo, MD headshot

Mark Gallardo, MD

Nina Goyal, MD headshot

Nina Goyal, MD

Michael Greenwood, MD headshot

Michael Greenwood, MD

Murray Johnstone, MD headshot

Murray Johnstone, MD

Shivani Kamat, MD headshot

Shivani Kamat, MD

Jeffrey Kammer, MD headshot

Jeffrey Kammer, MD

L. Jay Katz, MD headshot

L. Jay Katz, MD

Mahmoud Khaimi, MD headshot

Mahmoud Khaimi, MD

Irfan Kherani, MD headshot

Irfan Kherani, MD

Won I. Kim, MD headshot

Won I. Kim, MD

Christine Larsen, MD headshot

Christine Larsen, MD

Ariana Levin, MD headshot

Ariana Levin, MD

Daniel Lee, MD headshot

Daniel Lee, MD

Shan Lin, MD headshot

Shan Lin, MD

Valentina Lozano, MD headshot

Valentina Lozano, MD

Elizabeth Martin, MD headshot

Elizabeth Martin, MD

Bac Nguyen, MD headshot

Bac Nguyen, MD

Lilian Nguyen, MD headshot

Lilian Nguyen, MD

Robert Noecker, MD headshot

Robert Noecker, MD

Mildred MG Olivier, MD headshot

Mildred MG Olivier, MD

Joseph Panarelli, MD headshot

Joseph Panarelli, MD

Roma Patel, MD headshot

Roma Patel, MD

Shamil Patel, MD headshot

Shamil Patel, MD

Ian Pitha, MD headshot

Ian Pitha, MD

Lorraine Provencher, MD headshot

Lorraine Provencher, MD

Mary Qiu, MD headshot

Mary Qiu, MD

George Reiss, MD headshot

George Reiss, MD

Mazeyar Saboori, MD headshot

Mazeyar Saboori, MD

Steven Sarkisian, MD headshot

Steven Sarkisian, MD

Emily Schehlein, MD headshot

Emily Schehlein, MD

Matthew Schlenker, MD headshot

Matthew Schlenker, MD

Joel Schuman, MD headshot

Joel Schuman, MD

Leonard Seibold, MD headshot

Leonard Seibold, MD

Brian Shafer, MD headshot

Brian Shafer, MD

Manjool Shah, MD headshot

Manjool Shah, MD

Shakeel Shareef, MD headshot

Shakeel Shareef, MD

Erin Sieck, MD headshot

Erin Sieck, MD

I. Paul Singh, MD headshot

I. Paul Singh, MD

Brian Stagg, MD headshot

Brian Stagg, MD

Michael Stiles, MD headshot

Michael Stiles, MD

Ramya Swamy, MD headshot

Ramya Swamy, MD

George Tanaka, MD headshot

George Tanaka, MD

Vanessa Vera, MD headshot

Vanessa Vera, MD

Zachary Vest, MD headshot

Zachary Vest, MD

Benjamin Xu, MD headshot

Benjamin Xu, MD

Edward Yung, MD headshot

Edward Yung, MD


Friday, October 6

8:00 AM–3:30 PM | IGC Fellows Program (Moran Eye Center)

4:00 PM–5:00 PM | IGC Fellows Program Happy Hour (Grand America Hotel)

Grand America Hotel; IGC Fellows and IGC Fellows Program Industry Supporters Only

5:00 PM–8:00 PM | IGC Welcome Reception & Opening Session, Moderated by the IGC Program Chairs (Grand America Hotel)

Grand America Hotel; IGC Faculty and IGC Industry Supporters Only

Saturday, October 7

All Saturday events will be held at the Grand America Hotel

7:00 AM–8:00 AM | Breakfast

8:00 AM–9:00 AM | The Keynotes, Moderated by the IGC Program Chairs

9:00 AM–9:50 AM | Snapshots of the Pipeline: Part 1, Moderated by Arsham Sheybani, MD

9:50 AM–10:20 AM | Break & Exhibits

10:20 AM–12:10 PM | Practicing IG: Today & in the Near Future, Moderated by Iqbal Ike K. Ahmed, MD, FRCSC

12:10 PM–1:10 PM | Lunch Symposium

Sponsored by Allergan

1:10 PM–2:50 PM | Surgical Cases: What Would You Do? Moderated by Rachel Simpson, MD

2:50 PM–3:50 PM | Snapshots of the Pipeline: Part 2, Moderated by Arsham Sheybani, MD

3:50 PM–4:10 PM | Break & Exhibits

4:10 PM–5:10 PM | Challenges to Health Care Delivery, Moderated by Rick Lewis, MD

5:10 PM | Reflections & Next Steps

6:00 PM–8:00 PM | IGC Evening Reception

Sunday, October 8

7:00 AM–8:00 AM | Breakfast

8:00 AM–12:00 PM | IGC Fellows Wet Labs (Grand America Hotel)

*Times are subject to change

Fellowship Program

The 2023 Interventional Glaucoma Consortium will include a designated Fellows Program, open to US and Canadian glaucoma fellows. A total of 30 support packages to attend the Fellows Program are available and will be granted on a first-come, first served basis. The support package will include hotel accommodations for 3 nights (October 5, 6, and 7), a travel stipend, and on-site transportation.

Supported participants in the Fellows Program are required to attend all components of the 2023 Interventional Glaucoma Consortium, from October 6-8.

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